Friday, January 9, 2015

As much as I can remember from the last year

My apologies for how long it took me to update. I promise to try and do better. Anyways, 2014 was a crazy year! Here is my best try at remembering how my skin was doing:

Month 14 - January 2014 
My skin was pretty red and raw. I still didn't have much movement in my neck or arms. Ethan and I went hiking for my birthday (my first workout in a while!). We had to stop several times because I would get itchy when I would get too hot.

Month 15 - February 2014 
Ethan and I were so excited to find out that we were expecting! Baby is due October 9th.We were living with Ethan's mom at the time I moved in with my mom (until the wedding). My skin started to improve though. Looking back, Ethan's mom likes to clean here home with strong chemicals and use scented detergent. Once I was away from the chemicals things started getting better

Month 16 - March 2014 

Month 17 - April 2014  
I quit my job at the hotel so that I could wedding plan then work one last summer at camp. Getting away from the harsh cleaning chemicals at work also helped my skin start to clear. 

Month 18 - May 2014 
Ethan and I were married on May 3rd. The ceremony and reception were perfect! My skin behaved for the most part, there were rough red patches on my chest and arms/hands. Luckily Ethan loves me anyways :) We honeymooned in California and my skin behaved for a while, but by the end it was tears after every shower again (thanks a lot hotel cleaning chemicals). You can see where my hands were still pretty nasty in the wedding pictures.

this picture will not be making it into the photo album

Month 19 - June 2014 
Ethan left for officer candidate school (four months of just writing letters :( ) My skin continued to improve slowly. 

Month 20 - July 2014 
My skin was doing really well. I was even able to swim in a chlorinated pool regularly (with a shower immediately after). 

Month 21 - August 2014
I flew to Rhode Island for Ethan's OCS graduation. He mentioned right away how soft my hands were :) by this time my skin was pretty awesome, I did pack my own sheets and pillowcases to be safe at the hotel though.  

Month 22 - September 2014

Month 23 - October 2014 
Happy Birthday Henry! TSW has made me very weary of doctors and unnecessary medications/interventions so we chose to have an unmedicated birth at birth center with a midwife and doula rather than a hospital (I had a healthy low risk pregnancy).

Month 24 - November 2014 
Ever since Henry's birth my skin started acting up, starting with the crooks of my arms. 

Month 25 - December 2014 
December 9th marks two years steroid free! This month we moved cross country for Ethan's training. By the end of the month I am red and raw in my face, chest, arms and behind my shoulders. My stomach is covered in red patches.