Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 18: So Much Healing Going On Here

4.7.13 Day 120: The picture didn't catchy how flaky my arm was very well, but it was looking a little dry.

4.10.13 Day 123: Washed and vacuumed my car. I have owned this car for maybe a month and this is what it looked like pre-vacuum. (this isn't even the worst, I have been wiping these areas off with my hands. Just imagine how bad the creases in my seats and the floor were...) It was embarrassing to have anyone in the car with me. What if they notice/realize what all of the white dots are.

4.11.13 Day 124: My face and neck have been looking pretty awesome, but they have also been pretty uncomfortable. Moving my neck too much feels uncomfortable and itchy. My face is less visibly dry (just small flakes), but feels like I have an extra layer on me. Not sure if this is related or not, but my hands (underside, not the red side) has been extremely sensitive to paper. Just touching it feels awful and gives me chills lately.

4.12.13 Day 125: Last day of my full time unpaid internship (aka I only have one job and get to sleep sometimes again!)!!! Packing up to visit my dad in New Jersey tomorrow. Also hydrating like crazy for the plane ride (recirculated air does nothing good for your skin). When I purchased my tickets a few months ago, I was worried about whether or not I would be in a bad flare (would I be able to sit through a five hour plane ride? could I go into the city and not moisturize/bathe all day?) I am so thankful that I am at the end stages and will be able to enjoy this trip. Although, I did check a bag so I could bring my special lotion and soaps. :)

4.13.13 Day 126: Made it through my flight with no significant skin changes :)
Excited for a week in New Jersey with my Dad! 

Song of the week: "Now I'll be bold, as well as strong. And use my head alongside my heart. So tam e my flesh, and fix my eyes. A Tethered mind freed from the lies." Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait 

Week 17: Oh hey there freckles, welcome back!

3.31.13 Day 113: Happy Easter! We had a beautiful sunrise service at the park this morning. Luckily chocolate doesn't seem to make me flare, because I ate way too much of it. Skin is still looking and feeling exactly the same, but my forearms are burning like crazy when I get out of the shower. It has been quite a while since I have had this problem. At least it is just my forearms and it goes away after about 15 minutes.
Sunrise Easter Service at the park
4.2.13 Day 115: Used the tanning bed at work for 2 minutes. Maybe a little extra UVB will help with healing in these final stages.

4.3.13 Day 116: My face, elbows, and knees feel so smooth and soft! I probably looked like a creep rubbing them all day. This is the first time my skin has felt so healthy. I also went in for my consultation for my wisdom teeth surgery. A word of caution to all my fellow TSW friends: The surgeon happened to mention that after the surgery they would give me an anti-inflammatory prescription to help reduce swelling. Thank goodness my mom thought to ask if this medication had steroids, and sure thing it did! Turns out the IV medication they use ALSO HAS STEROIDS (which of course we would have never known without asking). Steroids unknowingly being pumped straight into my veins is probably my worst nightmare (other than the one where I am trying to get away from a giant snake). The office was able to put a warning on my profile. I also put a warning on my account at the drug store as a precaution in case any medications with steroids slip through. So, Please Please Please, ask your doctors and pharmacists if what you are about to use includes steroids, even if you don't think so.  

Still a bit pink, I think my neck may be the last thing to heal. We used a lot of topical steroids there when I was younger. 

Face is still a bit pink. It looks a little raw like this after I scrape off the dead skin in the shower. 

I think it is safe to say that my stomach is healed. Now to work on those abs....

Back of my shoulder, just a little inflamed 

right arm, little raised red bumps in the crooks of my elbows

right wrist...slowly improving!

right hand, also improving

left arm, you can see where the redness is mainly around the bend in my arm and my wrist/hand

left wrist

Look how smooth-ish and almost normal colored that left hand is!

4.4.13 Day 117: Another two minutes in the tanning bed. Also SWEAT!!!! Not just a little moisture, I am actually sweating again. I even had to wipe my face off at the gym! Apparently when I was around kindergarten age, my parents asked me if i wanted to play soccer. My response was "ew do you have to run around and get sweaty?!." And look at me now, overly excited to be gross and sweaty!

4.5.13 Day 118: FRECKLES ARE RETURNING!!!!! Once my skin went from bright red to light pink, I started looking like a naked mole rat (aka gross). I am beyond excited to get my freckles back and finally start looking like myself again.

Rufus the naked mole rat from Kim Possible

Look at those freckles!!!

Freckles Galore!

Non-naked arms!

Still looking red and splotchy on my face though

still splotchy
4.6.13 Day 119: Nothing new to note, still staring at my new freckles :)

***I feel like this week was a turning point for my healing journey. After weeks of being stagnant, I am finally seeing progress. I think it is safe to say that I am about 80% healed at this point. Before, my non-flaring areas didn't look or feel strong, smooth, and healthy like they do now.
Back, Stomach, Upper Arms, Back of Neck, Most of Legs 
Still Healing: 
Face, Front of Neck, Elbow Creases-Hands, Tiny patch of dryness on Knees

Song of the Week: "If you fall pick yourself up off the floor, and when your bones can't take no more, just remember what you're here for. Cuz I know Imma damn sure. Give em hell, turn their heads, gonna life life 'til we're dead. Give me scars, give me pain, then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me. There goes a fighter, there goes a fighter, this one's a fighter." - Gym Class Heroes "The Fighter"