Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Month 26...Sucks

I feel like I am back at the beginning. I am oozing again, which hasn't happened in two years. I wonder if this would have happened on its own or if my post partum crazy hormones/stress of moving cross country caused this. (The placenta produces cortisol, so I am wondering if this is a rebound flair now that I am placenta-less?). If so will the be the case with future pregnancies :(? Praying that this flair dies down soon. 

Weighed myself this morning and I am at my pre-pregnancy weight at 14 weeks post partum! Thanks breastfeeding because I definately haven't been working out. (Also having a baby that will cry if you try to sit down to hold him helps :). Ethan and I have started to incorporate more paleo recipes into our meal plans. Hopefully this will help my skin since processed foods make me itch. 

Please excuse the postpartum belly 

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